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A passion for early Pacific Northwest artwork and historic Native American Indian art drives our livelihood. NORTHWEST FOUND, an online gallery based in Seattle, WA, actively purchases and sells quality early Northwest paintings, prints, vintage photography and Arts & Crafts period decorative arts produced in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Canada during the late 19th- and early 20th- centuries, as well as a fine examples of 19th - and early 20th- century Native American Indian art and material culture.


JULIAN CHRISTODOULIDES (BLA 2008, University of Washington), owner of  NORTHWEST FOUND, has devoted himself to collecting, buying and selling Northwest art and historic Native Americana for nearly a decade. Inspired by a family heirloom - an orotone photograph capturing Mt. Rainier, Julian cultivated a deep interest in regional turn-of-the-20th century photography and developed a knack for seeking out these unique pieces of Northwest history. Julian's interests quickly expanded to include late 19th- and early 20th- century paintings and prints created in the Pacific Northwest, as well as objects of art crafted by coastal Native cultures. Now, nearly a decade later, his passion for regional art remains steadfast, and his experience in the field has led him to have a keen understanding and appreciation for the artwork he deals in.


Please visit our ARTISTS and NEW OFFERINGS pages to learn more about the type of artwork we buy and sell. We encourage you to CONTACT US about works you are interested in selling or acquiring.  


We do not offer appraisal services for insurance coverage or donation purposes; however, Julian's wife, CHRISTY CHRISTODOULIDES, is a member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) and runs her own successful fine art and antique appraisal business, DUWAMPS FINE ART & ANTIQUE APPRAISALSin Seattle, WA.

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based in seattle, wa

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PAUL MORGAN GUSTIN   (1886 - 1974)  "A Bend in the Road, Whidbey Island"   1920

Paul Morgan Gustin Oil Paintng Whidbey Island
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